Sugru Alternative: 5 of the Best

Sugru is a moldable glue widely used to seal cracks and holes. Sugru forms long-lasting bonds, making it a popular choice for many. But you will only sometimes get it when you need it. That is why people are looking for sugru alternatives.

If you can’t find sugru, what else can you use? We have the best options to consider. Do read on.

Why Is Sugru Famous?

Sugru is a silicone-based adhesive and sealant that can bond and repair various materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, and ceramics. Sugru is also waterproof and can seal joints and repair leaking faucets. Sugru is flexible and can be stretched up to 300% of its original size without breaking, unlike many other adhesives.

Sugru is the internet’s most famous moldable glue that looks like rubber. You can use it to fix anything. It can bond, seal, cushion, and create waterproof seals. It can also insulate and repair an infinite number of materials both inside and outside.

Sugru could even protect your surfaces from wear and tear by holding car keys and tools.

The best part? Once cured, it retains flexibility, allowing it to move with whatever is used to repair it. These are some of the characteristics that have made moldable glue, sugru, famous. What it does, it does exceptionally well.

Because it is moldable, it is an excellent adhesive for repairing cracks in broken ceramics, glass, or pottery. That is another factor that contributes to its current popularity.

What are Some Sugru Moldable Glue Alternatives?

There are a few alternatives to sugru that can be used as adhesives. Hot glue, wood glue, and epoxy are a few examples. Each bond has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when deciding which to use for a specific project. Epoxy, for example, is extremely strong and can bond with most materials; however, it is more expensive and takes longer to set than other options.

Sugru alternatives are required for a variety of reasons. It’s possible they need help getting to their local store. Or perhaps they want a food-safe option and believe sugru isn’t it. They may consider it expensive and require a less expensive alternative.

Whatever the reason, you’ll want something close to the real thing. Of course, most substitutes need to improve. Some may be better than others. But that should be fine if they serve their purpose.

Here are some of the best sugru alternatives to consider.

1. Loctite All-Purpose Repair Putty

Loctite makes some suitable glues. If you’re looking for a sugru alternative, try this all-purpose putty. It is not only powerful, but it can also be molded like sugru.

That means it can be used in the same ways as sugru. Ceramics, glass, glass, or plastics can all be used. Another advantage of Loctite putty is that it is water-resistant.

You won’t have to worry about crumbling when you wash the dishes with Loctite. This makes the bond stronger and more secure. The words you repair will look brand new. It is also simple to sand or paint if used on wood.

Loctite all-purpose putty is an excellent sugru alternative.

2. XUDOAI Epoxy Putty Stick

Xudoai Epoxy is a waterproof moldable glue putty that comes next. You can use it to make or repair many things, just like sugru. Among the items, you can fix pipes, faucets, pots, and ceramics.

We also like how simple it is to use. 5 minutes is usually enough time to knead the putty and apply it to the surface you’re repairing. However, kneading until you see a uniform color would be helpful.

Because of the 24-hour curing time, you have a large window to work with. The setting time won’t have you working in a rush.

3. Homemade Sugru Substitute

What if you could make your sugru substitute? That is possible. If you have the time, you can make some alternatives with the ingredients listed below.

  • Silicone caulk
  • Corn starch
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Oil Paints for Color

To make the perfect sugru alternative, combine the ingredients listed above. If you do everything correctly, you get a moldable adhesive that cures in 24 hours, similar to sugru. Try it out if you have the time.

There are numerous other ways to make this sugru substitute on the internet.

4. Ideal Industries Duct Seal

This duct seal is made of butyl rubber and is moldable. It is ideal for crack sealing on tile, floors, walls, ceramics, and pottery. What makes it unattractive is that it lacks the adhesive strength of sugru.

That’s what makes it an option. You can always find what you require in other options. Its primary application, however, is as a sealant. The number of things you can use it on is limited.

It is still a suitable alternative for sugru.

5. System Three 1-Quart SculpWood Moldable Epoxy Putty

Another moldable epoxy is the final sugru alternative to consider. This one is ideal for woodworking repairs. You can shape and use it to repair broken window seals, cracked furniture, and other wooden items.

But that doesn’t mean it only works on wood. It performs well on other substrates as well. Its redeeming feature is its resistance to most solvents and ability to work with most metals. It can also be used on nails and iron sheets.

Benefits of the Sugru alternative

Sugru is a putty-like adhesive that can repair and improve many objects. It is not, however, the only adhesive putty on the market. Here are some of the benefits of using a Sugru alternative:

Sugru is more expensive than the majority of alternatives.

  • Variety: There are numerous Sugru alternatives, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Sugru is only available in some countries, but many online options exist.
  • Sugru is only available in a few colors, whereas alternatives are available in various colors.
  • Sugru alternatives can sometimes be more effective than Sugru. It all depends on why you’re using Sugru.

Disadvantages of the Sugru alternative

Despite numerous benefits, you may encounter some drawbacks. Firstly, Sugru alternatives may not be as durable as Sugru in some materials, such as metal or plastic. Second, it is only sometimes effective at bonding two surfaces together and can fall off easily.

Furthermore, Sugru Alternative is only sometimes in stock, so it may need to be ordered online or made at home. Making a Sugru alternative at home is not easy; it can be time-consuming, and all materials may need to be readily available. Finally, if you don’t know how to make glue, it can be quite expensive compared to Sugru.

FAQs About Sugru Alternative

What is Sugru made of?

Sugru is a silicone, rubber, and plastic-based moldable adhesive putty. It is non-toxic and can be used to repair household items. Sugru can be moulded into any shape and becomes strong and durable after 24 hours of drying time.

What is Sugru used for?

Sugru is a moldable glue that can be used to repair and enhance a wide range of objects. It is non-toxic, waterproof, and long-lasting. Sugru can be used to fix broken objects, seal leaks, or improve the grip on objects.

Can I use expired Sugru?

Sugru is a rubber that can be moulded and solidified over time. It can be used to repair items around the home and create new items. Sugru has a 6-month expiration date and should not be used after that date.

Does Sugru stick to silicone?

Sugru will not stick to plastic. In reality, it is purpose-built not to adhere to this substance. This is due to the fact that silicone is a very slick surface, and sugru would not stick to it very well.

Does Sugru damage the wall?

Sugru does not cause any harm to the wall. It is a moldable rubber that can be affixed to a variety of surfaces without leaving a trace or damaging the wall. Sugru can also be removed without causing damage to the surface.

The Bottom Line

You must be wondering whether the sugru options will be as effective now that you know them. The option you select will have an impact on the efficacy. Some alternatives are only suitable as pop group solutions.

Some may be able to substitute the main adhesive you’re searching for. As a result, the best method to find out is to give them a shot. Your experience with each of them will inform you whether sugru is the superior option.

However, if you are unable to obtain sugru, the alternatives mentioned here will make your decision simpler. You may already have them at home and simply need to obtain them. Sugru, thankfully, is not difficult to locate or purchase.

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