Is there a Mod Podge Alternative?

One of the finest glues for crafters is modern decoupage or mod podge. It’s a type of craft glue with amazing sealant qualities. Although reliable, it is quite expensive in shops. That’s why most crafters have a mod podge option.

But how do you know which option is best? How do you choose it from the inventory of accessible glues? Or, even better, how do you create it at home? We have here the best options to use as alternatives for mod podge.

What Are Mod Podge Substitutes?

Crafters use Mod Podge as a decoupage medium to adhere paper cutouts to various surfaces. It comes in both a gloss and a matte finish. However, Mod Podge is one of many decoupage mediums available. There are several alternatives, such as decoupage papers, spray adhesives, and glues.

As previously stated, finding mod podge can be difficult. It is sometimes about something other than the price. It’s possible that the stores in your area need it. So, what are your alternatives?

PVA Glue 

Poly Vinyl Acetate glue is most similar to mod podge in composition. That’s what makes it a viable substitute for mod podge. However, you may also need help finding it. It is only available in a few stores. You may have to call around for it.

PVA glue is also a feasible alternative because it requires no additional ingredients. You only need to purchase it and use it as is. There are various kinds of PVA adhesive. As a result, always select one that will help you.

Homemade Mod Podge from Elmer’s Glue

Elmer’s glue can also be used as a mod podge substitute. However, you should get the craft type of Elmer’s glue rather than the regular household type. Unlike PVA glue, Elmer’s glue will require some alterations to work as a mod podge.

This is what you’ll do:

  • Pour Elmer’s glue container into a clean 12-ounce or giant jar, 
  • Add 4 ounces of water and mix.
  • If you want it to be glossy, apply some gloss varnish.

Homemade Mod Podge from Elmer’s Glue

You will have created some mod podge. However, the mod podge you make in this manner will be far from authentic. It will be similar to what you use to cover up gaps when you don’t want to repair them.

As a result, it would be helpful if you only used it for short-term tasks. Halloween or Yuletide crafts that will be removed after use are ideal. Using it on solid objects like furniture may yellow, peel off, or flake.

The furniture may also crack after some use. This is typically a few months to a year.

The technique allows you to create your mod podge for small projects. However, if you’re working on a large undertaking, you should get the genuine mod podge.

Why is Mod Podge So Difficult to Find?

Mod Podge is not like other glues. It’s a creative adhesive with various components. That is why it performs differently than other glues. The majority of glues only bond objects or surfaces.

Mod Podge, on the other hand, can be used as a sealer. That is why it has so many uses. Many people use it to decorate their surfaces and even furniture. Because of its popularity, mod podge has become challenging to find.

Even if you do find it, the costs may surprise you. That is why the majority of people prefer mod podge alternatives. However, a container of mod podge will last you an extended period.

Because most DIYers do it for enjoyment, they don’t require a lot of mod podge. If they are, they will only be doing minor repairs at home. They are rarely used on big tasks.

Alternatives also better service inexperienced DIYers. After all, inexperienced DIYers only require a tiny quantity.

The more specialised the adhesive, as with all things, the higher the price. Most other sealants can’t do what Mod Podge can. And it does it admirably. As a result, it may not be easy to obtain and more expensive in some areas.

Mod Podge substitute: nail polish

As a mod podge substitute, a mod podge is a terrible option. Nail makeup is highly susceptible to environmental factors. For example, based on the temperature, it may rapidly shrink or expand.

As a result, it is unsuitable for use as a collage material. Occasionally, nail paint will neatly dry off surfaces. But that doesn’t make it a feasible mod podge substitute.

Only use nail polish as a mod podge if you’re working on an enjoyable endeavour. It will ruin a unique endeavour and make you regret it. That is something other than what you would want.

FAQs About Is there a Mod Podge Alternative


What is the difference between Mod Podge and Mod Podge Alternative?

Mod Podge is the trademark name for a decoupage glue used to stick paper or other items to a surface. Mod Podge Alternative is a grab name for comparable adhesives produced by other businesses. Both are transparent glues with a slightly textured surface, but Mod Podge Alternative may be slightly more sticky. They are useful for affixing paper and other lightweight items to surfaces such as wood, glass, or metal.

How do you make homemade Modge podge?

In a mixing bowl, combine the white glue (1/2 cup) and water (1/2 cup). At this point, you can add color if you want. Fill a sealable container midway with the mixture. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Shake well before using.

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